Cirque releases new GlidePoint 3.7 driver for Windows 8.1

Salt Lake City, Utah, September 4, 2013 - Cirque Corporation, the original developer of capacitive sensing trackpads, announces the release of the GlidePoint 3.7 driver. New features in the 3.7 driver support the gestures in Windows 8.1. These gestures allow users to perform quick actions such as search, open settings, close an application, find recently used applications, and switch between applications.

“Cirque offers these new options to improve the productivity, ease of use, and functionality of trackpads in products where Windows 8.1 is the OS,” said Nate Coy, OEM Product Sales Manager

The new GlidePoint 3.7 driver can be used with Cirque’s Smart Cat Pro, Smart Cat, and Easy Cat trackpads. The driver feature set works retroactively with tablet and PC keyboards, desktop peripherals, and other industrial and consumer electronic devices using GlidePoint products. Users simply update the driver for currently installed trackpads to gain the use of the new functionality. 

To download the GlidePoint 3.7 driver, visit:

About Cirque Corporation

Cirque Corporation is the original developer of capacitive sensing technology and continues to function as a market leader in a variety of markets such as notebook computers, industrial, medical and consumer electronics. To learn more about Cirque's wide range of capacitive touch solutions, visit

Cirque, GlidePoint and all associated logos are trademarks of Cirque Corporation. Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 are the property of Microsoft.

Cirque Contact Information:
Steven Baker
Marketing Manager
(801) 467-1100 

Windows 8 and newer is required to use the Windows 8 gestures.