For portable computing, the trackpad is the user interface of choice, offering durability, precision and powerful multi-finger gestures. But not all trackpads are created equal. GlidePoint for Notebooks builds on Cirque's 30 years of experience to provide the best possible portable PC experience.     


A trackpad that does not function well is a constant frustration for the user. Thats why at Cirque, we put a great deal of thought into the finest details to ensure a user experience that is second to none. The ballistics of how the cursor moves, accelerates and responds to multi-finger input is carefully tuned to match finger motion. Palm rejection algorithms have been refined over many years so that accidental cursor movement is minimized while typing. 

We put these features to the test with outside research firms to study how everyday users interact with notebook PC trackpads, to ensure that GlidePoint offers a best in class user experience.

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PTP Ready 

GlidePoint fully supports Microsoft's Precision Touchpad specification, so you can enjoy the latest standard Windows touchpad features and gestures. 


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A trackpad thats working properly should feel almost invisible as it seamlessly translates user intent to the computer. But sometimes, conditions in the environment can conspire to affect this. Electrical noise can come from many sources, including power supplies and poorly designed lighting systems. If not guarded against, this noise can cause erratic trackpad behavior. High humidity and moisture can have a similar negative impact. 

GlidePoint for Notebook builds upon the same robust foundation as our solutions for industrial applications. In factories, aircraft and cars, extremes are the norm, and GlidePoint has been designed from the beginning to perform well even in the presence of noise, moisture and temperature extremes. 

Notebook PC Trackpad Support

User Feedback

We are very interested in hearing your thoughts about trackpads. What features would you like to see? What bothers your? Even if you don't have a Cirque or Alps trackpad, we want to know what you think. 

Drivers and technical support

Note PC trackpads are supported by the specific notebook vendor. For drivers and support questions, please contact your notebook manufacturer. Links to various support sites are provided below.