Development Kits

Cirque has development kits available that make it easy to start exploring our solution platforms. Use this page to locate the kit for your project and find information on how to get up and running. 


Gen4 Trackpad Development Kit

Gen4 Dev Kit-small.jpg

This kit features Cirque's feature-rich Gen4 trackpad with high resolution x,y tracking and built in multi-finger gestures, along with an Arduino-based development board.

Kit Contents:

  • TM105065 Gen4 Trackpad
  • Development board including Arduino compatible Teensy 3.2
  • Cables and trackpad holder
  • Quick start guide

Circle Trackpad Development Kit

Arduino-based dev board and two circle trackpads. Perfect for applications like game controllers, consumer devices and industrial controls. 

Kit Contents:

  • Two circle trackpads (TM040040 and TM035035).
  • Development board including Arduino compatible Teensy 3.2.
  • Cables and trackpad holders.
  • Quick start guide.  

VR Grip™

This kit contains a sample virtual reality controller form factor unit featuring Cirque's VR Grip solution. 

Kit Contents:

  • VR Grip controller (USB)
  • USB flash drive
  • Quick start guide
VR Grip Dev Kit.png

Steam VR™ Development Kit

Everything needed to add a trackpad to Valve's® SteamVR Tracking systems. 

Kit Contents

  • TM040040 circle trackpad with mounted haptic and Valve specification plastic overlay. 
  • Cable for connection to SteamVR Licensee Kit. 
  • Quick start guide.