Cirque GlidePoint® is the original trackpad technology. From early desktop versions offered as an alternative to the mouse, to the first trackpad in a notebook computer, GlidePoint has provided a reliable and versatile user interface for decades. 


User Experience

Using a notebook trackpad.jpeg

From the beginning, GlidePoint has been based on mutual capacitive sensing. This is the core technology that makes multi-touch possible. Cirque has been building on this technology foundation for almost 30 years to refine the trackpad experience. Working with external research firms, we obsess over details like palm rejection, finger tracking ballistics and gesture recognition. 

Our goal is to build a trackpad experience that gets out of the way, and becomes a natural extension of user intent.


Airliner Flight Deck

The best user experience is diminished if it can't perform reliably. GlidePoint has been proven under fire in many harsh use environments, from factory floors with high electrical noise and chemical exposure, to airliner flight decks where failure is not an option. GlidePoint modules and ICs are available with extended operating temperature ranges and stringent automotive-grade qualifications. The result is a proven solution that benefits any application. 


Find your GlidePoint Solution

Notebook PC

Notebook trackpads featuring GlidePoint provide a best in class computing experience. 


Trackpads for gaming feature unique shapes, and features like proximity sensing for powering the next generation user interface. 

Industrial & Medical

Industrial GlidePoint solutions offer rugged features like extended temperature operating ranges and long-term availability. 


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