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Cirque Corporation, the inventor and original developer of capacitive trackpad technology, continues to lead as the premier supplier of capacitive trackpads for the computer market. Cirque has expanded to offer specialized input solutions in markets like security, point of sale, industrial, automotive and more. 


Desktop Trackpad Drivers


The current product line of Cirque desktop touchpads uses the GlidePoint 3.7.2 driver.

  • Products:  Cirque EasyCat, SmartCat, and SmartCat Pro desktop touchpads
  • Connection Type:  USB or PS/2
  • Operating Systems:  Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10



Please note:

  • This driver is for use with the above specified desktop trackpad products only. It is not compatible with Cirque or Alps notebook PC built-in trackpads. For notebook driver support please contact your notebook vendor
  • This driver is not required for Cirque touchpads to work. They use the standard mouse driver built into all operating systems for basic functionality. 
  • The GlidePoint driver provides additional features and functions beyond the ones the standard mouse driver offers.
  • The touchpad must be connected and working before the driver can be installed.
  • This driver will not function when using an adapter to go from PS/2 to USB. Only standard mouse functionality works in this scenario.