Cirque releases the next evolution in trackpad technology with GlidePoint Gen 4

Salt Lake City, Utah, September 16, 2013 - Cirque Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Alps Electric Co., Ltd, and the original developer of capacitive sensing technology announces the release of GlidePoint Gen 4, the next standard in capacitive trackpads. Gen 4 trackpads use proprietary image sensing technology to track multiple fingers. Familiar gestures like scrolling, zooming, and Windows® 8 edge gestures are possible, all without installing a driver. A large object detection method is used to differentiate between fingers or a palm touching the trackpad. This prevents a palm from causing inadvertent cursor movement, taps, and gestures.

GlidePoint Gen 4 provides flexibility for product designs. Trackpads can be integrated into PC peripherals, tablet accessories, specialized keyboards, game controllers, remote controls, medical devices, industrial machinery, and more. Customized shapes and sizes are possible. Deployed finished Gen 4 based products can be updated with new features through the included boot-loader.

“Gen 4 is an exceptional new standard for touch technology,” says Nate Coy, OEM Sales Director. “Familiar gestures that people use every day, industry leading performance, multiple finger detection, field upgradable, and no driver requirement make this a very versatile solution.”

Through Cirque's adaptable manufacturing model, IC components may be purchased for custom designs. Standard off-the-shelf Gen 4 modules are available in 115x105, 105x65, and 65x49 sizes. Additional standard sizes are anticipated in the near future.

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