Cirque solutions are powered by a set of capacitive sensing chips designed by our team in Salt Lake City. Cirque ASICs are used in applications from high-end luxury automobiles, to mass market consumer electronics, so flexibility is paramount. Robustness, scalability and cost-effectiveness are built into every Cirque chip design from the beginning. 


Touch IC Resources


Olympus (6G10Z0)

Our latest touch controller platform features an all new high performance analog design and a multi-core architecture for advanced trackpad and touch screen applications.

Olympus powers the advanced Gen 6 and GT 6 platforms and is planned for released Q4 2019. For more details on Gen 6 and the Olympus ASIC please contact us.


Rushmore (1CA037)

The Rushmore capacitive sensing AFE is used for the following product platforms: 

  • GlidePoint Gen4 trackpads.

  • VR Grip.

  • Certain GlidePoint gaming trackpads.

  • GT4 touchscreen solutions.

  • POS reference designs.

Gen6 ES.jpg
Rushmore - Angled.jpg

Pinnacle (1CA027)

The Pinnacle system-on-chip is used for the following product platforms:

  • GlidePoint Gen3 and Gen2 trackpads.

  • Certain GlidePoint gaming trackpads.

  • K2 touchscreen solutions.

Pinnacle - Angled.jpg


The U1 system-on-chip is used exclusively for notebook PC trackpads. For information on the U1 ASIC, please contact Cirque

Flare IC Pic.jpg

Legacy Touch ICs

Please contact Cirque for questions concerning legacy touch ICs including:

  • Mercury

  • Pioneer

  • Pegasus