Cirque demonstrates secure touch screen with integrated NFC

Salt Lake City, Utah – Cirque, the leader in secure capacitive input, is now demonstrating its latest GlideTouch® NFC solution. GlideTouch NFC brings EMVco contactless payment, and support for NFC tags to point of sale terminals, tablets and other devices. With GlideTouch NFC, the touch panel itself becomes part of the antenna system, eliminating the need for add-on antennas and enabling large touch screens to support near field communication. Cirque is currently demonstrating this solution on 7-inch touch screens.

Demand for contactless payments is rapidly growing. In addition to supporting traditional contactless payment cards, terminals must also interact with new NFC-based payment credentials, such as those found in smartphones. New payment services like Isis, Google Wallet and others are driving adoption of NFC-based payment. ABI Research, projects NFC mobile payment transactions to reach the 100 billion dollar mark by 2016*.

Using the touch panel as the contactless system, Cirque’s patented solution is able to fully support both the stringent EMVco standard and the variety of NFC tag types. GlideTouch NFC enables sleek industrial designs since no add-on antenna readers are required. Both large and small touch screen sizes are supported. In addition to EMVco and NFC support, secure PCI PTS PIN entry is fully supported on GlideTouch touch screens. Cirque’s best-in-class forensic signature capture, including the new XPen™ force-sensing stylus, completes the total input solution for secure terminals.

“With all the growth in NFC payments, we are excited to be bringing to market a solution that enables NFC along with the more traditional contactless payment methods,” says Jared Bytheway, Research and Development Director at Cirque. “We believe that GlideTouch is well positioned to bring a total secure input solution to the next generation of payment terminals and secure tablets.”

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*ABI Research Report:Mobile Payments, NFC, and Contactless Convergence, available from

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