Touch Solution Developer Resources


Product Platforms

Gaming Solutions

This section includes developer resources for gaming capacitive touch solutions such as GlidePoint® circle trackpads. 

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Point of Sale and Security Solutions

This section includes documentation and resources for Cirque's touch screen platforms for point of sale and security products.

GT4 Touch Screen Platform
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GlidePoint® Trackpads

This section includes common resources for GlidePoint trackpads, including module specification sheets, Gen4 platform information and development guides. 

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Development Kits

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Visit the Developer Kit information page. 

IC / ASIC Details

Custom touch controller ICs (also called ASICs) power all of Cirque's product platforms. This section includes general specifications and also firmware interfacing guides for Cirque's production ASICs. 

Rushmore 1CA037 Details

The Rushmore capacitive sensing AFE is used for the following product platforms:

  • GlidePoint Gen4 trackpads.
  • Certain GlidePoint gaming trackpads.
  • GT4 touchscreen solutions.
  • POS reference designs.
Pinnacle 1CA027 Details

The Pinnacle system on chip is used for the following product platforms:

  • GlidePoint Gen3 and Gen2 trackpads.
  • Certain GlidePoint gaming trackpads.
  • K2 touchscreen solutions.
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