Some environments call for an input solution that must function reliably under demanding and harsh conditions. In hospitals, airliner flight decks and high volume factories failure is not an option. Cirque offers GlidePoint solutions focused on the unique needs of the industrial and medical market. Often integrated into keyboards and control panels, GlidePoint provides an ideal solution for device control. 

Harsh Environment Operation

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Industrial devices have to contend with different conditions then consumer hardware. Thats why GlidePoint offers extended temperature operating ranges. Select Cirque ICs are also automotive qualified (AECQ100).

Operating Temperature Range: -40 to 85° C
AECQ100 Version Operating Temperature Range: -40 to 125° C

In addition to extended temperature operation, GlidePoint trackpads can be tuned to unique customer requirements, such as consistent operation with medical gloves. Because trackpads have no moving parts, they can be sealed into enclosures and then easily sterilized with chemical cleaners. 

Long Term Availability

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Once a trackpad is designed into a industrial machine or medical device, we understand that changes can have a significant impact. Thats why Cirque still supports legacy interfaces like serial and PS/2, and offers long-term availability of industrial GlidePoint modules. 

Multiple Off the Shelf Options

Cirque offers a complete set of standard modules providing a variety of sizes and interfaces. As always, custom design is also available to meet your unique project requirements. 

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