Cirque provides leading human interface solutions
that impact the world we live in.

Our Story

What is more intuitive than the human touch? That’s what inspired Cirque’s founder almost 30 years ago to provide a better interface solution using capacitive touch technology. At the time trackballs and joysticks for laptops were ok, but using your own fingers to perform simple or complex navigation task was even cooler. So Cirque invented the GlidePoint® Trackpad that has now proven to be a very reliable and versatile user interface for decades.

Cirque continues to push the innovation envelope today by providing customers with both custom and standardized solutions for notebook touchpads, VR gaming accessories, secure point of sales touch screens, and proximity sensing capabilities.

• • • •

In 2003, Cirque became a wholly owned subsidiary of Alps Electric Co., Ltd. (6770:JP). In addition to our own products, Cirque functions as an ALPS R&D center for capacitive sensing. Working together with ALPS Electric allows us to refining existing products and introduce Cirque’s capacitive touch technology into countless new applications that improves both the form and function of human interface platforms.


Why the Name Cirque?

Cirque name was inspired by the glacial cirques that have formed the beautiful Wasatch mountain range. At Cirque we love exploring our mountains, either in the summer with hiking boots and mountain bikes, or on skies and snowboards once the snow flies.

Product and Services We Provide

Cirque produces human interface solutions using capacitive touch technology with a specialization in these targeted markets:

Notebook Computers - For Notebooks, the trackpad is the user interface of choice, offering durability, precision and powerful multi-finger gestures.

VR / Gaming - At Cirque, our extensive history building touch solutions has enabled us to create the most unique and cutting edge input solutions for the game systems of the future. 

Point of Sales - Cirque is the only touch technology company with a focus on secure input solutions for payment terminals.

Industrial / Medical - Some environments call for an input solution that must function reliably under demanding and harsh conditions. Cirque offers GlidePoint solutions focused on the unique needs of the industrial and medical market.

Off-the-shelf Product & Custom Solutions - We pride ourselves on outside of the box thinking as well as solving problems to challenging and hard problems. Whether you need an off-the-shelf or customs solution, Cirque has you covered.


Cirque Milestones

Founded - 1991 | Inventor and original developer of capacitive trackpad technology.

Trackpads in Notebooks - 1994 | First notebook PC with a trackpad, using Cirque technology.

Programmable Gestures - 1999 | Cirque develops desktop trackpad with programmable gestures.

Acquired by ALPS - 2003 | In addition to our own products sales, Cirque operates as an independent research & development company for ALPS Electric.

Multi-finger Tracking - 2009 | Cirque brings multi-finger tracking to notebook PCs.

Automotive Trackpads - 2011 | Cirque develops trackpads to integrate in automotive interfaces.

PCI Certified Secure Design - 2016 | Cirque is listed on the PCI PTS list for a fully certified secure touch solution. 

VR Grip - 2018 | Cirque launches next generation proximity sensing virtual reality input platform. 

Careers at Cirque

Looking for a place to work that builds cool stuff that people want? With excellent perks and an exciting environment, we are always looking for new talent to take Cirque to the next level of innovation. Check out our careers page to learn more and submit your resume. 

Our Values

  • In it to win it.

  • Learning & Continuous Improvement.

  • Trust in the Team.

  • Value Customer Partnership.

  • Live a Full Life.

Our Innovators and Facilities

Cirque Experts

Our Experts

Cirque’s greatest asset is our highly skilled engineering teams which include IC design, firmware, software, electrical and mechanical experts.

It’s with great partnerships, expansive knowledge base and dedication to innovation that Cirque is able to deliver great solutions to our customers.

Clean room for IC programming

Research and Design

At Cirque, we may not change the world everyday, but we do strive to innovate and bring new solutions to market that will add value to every day experiences.

By maintaining an extensive technology development center, cirque can solve problems, create and assist with product development, and support future enhancements if needed.

Lab and Test Facilities

Cirque facilities include engineering laboratories and extensive test capabilities such as:

  • Environmental test chambers.

  • Clean room for IC programming.

  • Specialized test equipment for capacitive touch systems.

  • User experience test spaces.