Advanced Gen4 Trackpad Dev Kit Now Available

Salt Lake City, UT - Cirque has released a new development kit that features an advanced GlidePoint® Gen4 trackpad. Gen4 features high resolution x,y tracking as well as built in gestures for a driver-free multi-touch experience. Coming soon, Gen4 will also feature compatibility with Microsoft's Precision Touchpad Protocol (PTP) which enables high performance native trackpad features with recent versions of Windows. 

Along with the Gen4 trackpad is an Arduino-based development board and sample code to make it easy for developers to get up and running with GlidePoint.  This development board features an expandable design for connecting haptics, sensors and other devices. This flexible system enables rapid development and can serve as the foundation for a full product design project.

Cirque Track Pad Gen 4 Development Kit.jpg

The GlidePoint Gen4 Development Kit is available for purchase at

Off the shelf trackpads, including several sizes of Gen4 modules can be found here:

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