Gen4 Trackpad Development Kit

The Gen4 Trackpad Development Kit makes it easy to get up to speed with Cirque's feature-rich GlidePoint® Gen4 trackpads. The dev board includes an Arduino-compatible Teensy 3.2 module and a flexible "breadboard style" hardware design. Connectors are included for easy attachment  to multiple Gen4 trackpad sizes. 

Together with sample code provided by Cirque, this development kit can serve as the foundation for your next product design. 

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Kit Contents

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  • GlidePoint development board (part number: 02-000658-00)

    • Teensy 3.2 pre-mounted.

  • TM105065 Gen4 I2C trackpad (105mm x 65mm "Rushmore" IC)

  • Trackpad holder

  • 12-pin flat flex cables

  • USB cable

  • Quick start guide


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