Cirque Introduces the GlidePoint® TM040040 Touch Sensor for Game Controllers

Salt Lake City, Utah, October 7, 2015 – Cirque Corporation, the original developer of capacitive sensing technology, and a wholly owned subsidiary of Alps Electric Co., Ltd., announces the availability of their GlidePoint TM0400040 sensor as part of their product portfolio for gaming solutions. Designed specifically for game controllers, the TM040040 is a replacement for a traditional analog stick.

The TM040040 is based on Cirque’s proven GlidePoint Gen 4 touch technology. Gen 4 is a proprietary image sensing technology that reports high-resolution touch data and detects even the slightest finger movement on the sensor. This technology has been specially tuned for Cirque gaming products to provide players the next generation of game control. 

The sensor is designed to use GlidePoint Integrated Touch™ technology. Touch is detected on the sensor using Cirque’s IC. Touch processing is then performed by custom GlidePoint firmware embedded in the host system. Integrated Touch is a cost effective solution that provides the most responsive gaming experience. 

 “From PC to virtual reality game controllers, a trend in the gaming market is for more intuitive and customizable controls,” said Steven Baker, Marketing Manager of GlidePoint Solutions. “The TM040040 sensor offers an innovative input experience that is intuitive and natural for players during game interaction. The precision movement that touch provides brings a whole new level of control to gaming.”

The circular shape of the TM040040 is an ideal fit for game controllers. The sensor is a highly versatile solution that enables many enhanced input options. In addition to being used as an analog stick replacement, the sensor can be used as a mouse or divided into zones for customizable keyboard macros.

The TM040040’s sensor design and firmware are robust and easily scalable. For customers requiring a custom designed circle sensor, Cirque can quickly provide engineering samples. Cirque’s collaborative engineering support will enable a successful integration of this solution. 

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About Cirque Corporation
Cirque Corporation is the original developer of capacitive sensing technology and continues to function as a market leader in a variety of markets such as gaming hardware, PC input devices, and secure payment solutions. To learn more about Cirque’s wide range of capacitive touch solutions, visit

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