Cirque launches its Next Gen Platform Optimized for Touch Screens - GT4

Salt Lake City, Utah, March 3, 2014 – Cirque, the original developer of capacitive touch solutions is once again leading the market with the GT4 platform. GT4 provides a combination of robust touch input capability with unique features. This makes GT4 an ideal fit for general-purpose touch applications, and for specialized markets like point of sale and security.

GT4 builds on our proven GlidePoint technology used in millions of notebook computers around the world. Designed specifically for touch screens, GT4 enables high-resolution signature capture with a fine point (2 mm), simple conductive stylus. GT4 algorithms identify the unique electrical signature of the stylus point, allowing the system to differentiate between fingers and the stylus, with no additional costly electronics required. With this feature, touch screens using GT4 can lock input from fingers to stylus to prevent erroneous input during signing operation.

Electromagnetic noise is a constant threat to the performance of capacitive touch screens, which is why GT4 was engineered to meet stringent industry standards for electromagnetic compatibly (IEC61000-4-6, when implemented properly in an end product). GT4's analog sensing system was designed from the ground up specifically to have exceptional noise immunity, utilizing patented features such as active frequency hopping and new, innovative capacitive scanning patterns.

GT4 has the ability to track five fingers at up to 200 samples per second for a high quality multi-touch experience. Thanks to a scalable architecture, GT4 can be an extremely cost effective touch screen solution for a variety of screen sizes. GT4 works with industry standard touch panel construction methods for the widest possible compatibility.

For specialized markets like point of sale and security, the GT4 platform can be configured with Cirque's proprietary SecureSense™ secure capacitive scanning. This enables touch screens that can be used for secure input, protected against attempts to bug the device and capture data. Independent test laboratories have found that SecureSense™ meets the stringent requirements of the payment card industry for secure PIN input (PCI PTS 3.0). Contact Cirque for additional details.

To get a hands-on look at GT4, contact Cirque to request a demonstration kit.

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Cirque Corporation is the original developer of capacitive sensing technology and continues to function as a market leader in a variety or markets such as notebook computers, industrial, medical and consumer electronics. To learn more about Cirque’s wide range of capacitive touch solutions, visit

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