Cirque’s GlidePoint® TM040040 in Valve Steam Controller

Salt Lake City, Utah, January 25, 2016 – Cirque Corporation, the original developer of capacitive sensing technology, and a wholly owned subsidiary of Alps Electric Co., Ltd., today announced their GlidePoint TM040040 gaming trackpad is shipping in Valve Corporation’s Steam Controller. 

The TM040040 is an advanced touch solution that is designed specifically for gaming.  Based on Cirque’s GlidePoint touch technology, the high-resolution control of the TM040040 provides an intuitive and precise method for game control. “As video games continue to advance in complexity, we are seeing a need for more customizable and higher precision input methods that still maintain a natural feel,” said Nathan Coy, Global Sales Manager at Cirque. “With the Steam Controller, Valve has accomplished this using TM040040 gaming trackpads.”

Using Valve’s Steam Hardware, users can play their favorite Steam games from the comfort of their living room. Valve has worked with industry partners to create Steam Machines that are controlled using Valve’s Steam Controllers. To recreate the keyboard and mouse experience used in PC gaming, Valve created the Steam Controller, which gives gamers an innovative input experience. With the Steam Controller’s dual trackpad solution, based on Cirque’s TM040040, users are offered unparalleled customization and high precision control.

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About Cirque Corporation
Cirque Corporation is the original developer of capacitive sensing technology and continues to function as a market leader in a variety of markets such as gaming hardware, PC input devices, and secure payment solutions. To learn more about Cirque’s wide range of capacitive touch solutions, visit

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