Circle Trackpad Development Kit

The Circle Trackpad Development Kit makes it easy to get up to speed with Cirque's feature-rich GlidePoint® circle trackpads. The dev board includes an Arduino-compatible Teensy 3.2 module and a flexible "breadboard style" hardware design. Connectors for easy attachment  to the circle trackpads are pre-mounted. 

Together with sample code provided by Cirque, this development kit can serve as the foundation for your next product design. 

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Kit Contents

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  • GlidePoint development board (part number: 02-000620-00)
    • Teensy 3.2 pre-mounted.
  • TM040040 circle trackpad (40mm "Pinnacle" IC) 
  • TM035035 circle trackpad (35mm "Pinnacle" IC)
  • Circle trackpad holder
  • 12-pin flat flex cables (2)
  • USB cable
  • Quick start guide

NOTE: There are two different options for overlay top surfaces on the trackpad: either a flat standard overlay or a curved plastic overlay. Please specify in the form which overlay type you require. 

NOTE: Some development kits may have shipped with the wrong 35mm trackpad that is not compatible with the rest of the kit hardware. Check this page for details. 

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