Trackpad Development Kit for SteamVR

Valve's SteamVR tracking system delivers a best in class virtual reality experience for building next generation VR systems. Valve is making the SteamVR tracking system available, license free, for other developers to use. For more information see:

Core to this system is the capacitive trackpad input system from Cirque. Built around a custom version of the TM040040 circle trackpad, this Trackpad Kit includes haptics and connectivity to the SteamVR Licensees Dev Kit

NOTE: For non-SteamVR projects see Cirque's general purpose Circle Trackpad Development Kit.   


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Kit Contents

  • TM040040 circle trackpad with mounted haptic and Valve specification plastic overlay. 
  • Flexible printed circuit cable for connection to SteamVR Licensee Kit. 
  • Quick start guide. 
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