Introducing the DOTKey™ Typing App

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Salt Lake City, Utah - Cirque Corporation is pleased to introduce DOTKey – the revolutionary app that will change the way you type. DOTKey, developed by BYU computer science professor Frank Jones, provides an exciting new way to type and one that is more compatible with touch screen keyboards and mobile phones. Cirque will be working with DOTKey to promote their solution to the market.

While the QWERTY keyboard has long been the standard in the U.S., it is much criticized for being slow and inefficient due to the distance your fingers travel while typing. European countries have adopted other keyboard layouts better suited to language variations and typing efficiencies, but the U.S. has been slow to change. 

“We’re stuck in a cycle,” says Jones, “We teach kids how to use QWERTY because it’s everywhere. Why is QWERTY everywhere? Because we teach kids to use it.”

MIT Technology Review’s Rachel Metz believes, “if anything is going to convince us to replace or substantially alter the QWERTY keyboard, it will need to seriously improve how we communicate.”

Ask any smartphone or tablet user about the ease and accuracy of typed emails and text messages and you will hear stories replete with typos, auto-correct inaccuracies and the lack of privacy when using voice-to-text functionality.

Enter DOTKey for iOS and Android.

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DOTKey adjusts to your hand.

DOTKey’s user-friendly experience adjusts to your hand instead of forcing you to adjust to a keyboard. Utilizing advanced gesture recognition algorithms, users can quickly and accurately type through a series of taps or swipes of a finger or fingers. Not only does it facilitate typing with one hand (right or left), it also adjusts to three-finger or five-finger inputs and even follows hand drift movement for uninterrupted typing.

We are excited about the new paradigm for touchscreen and touchpad input that DOTKey can create. We believe the technology can disrupt the input market as we know it today and are honored to be working with DOTKey to drive market adoption.

-Nate Coy, Chief Sales Officer, Cirque Corporation

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To learn more about DOTKey, go to their website , or start practicing by downloading the iOS or Android mobile app. For custom integrations and enterprise applications, contact Cirque at

The Cirque and DOTKey alliance is a great fit and one that supports the type of adaptive touch technology that will create the next chapter in human interface solutions. Cirque is one of the original inventors of capacitive touch technology and continues to push the innovation envelope for new input methods in markets like virtual reality, secure payment and computing.

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