VR Grip™

The Future of VR & AR

 Salt Lake City, UT, 4/5/18 – Cirque is pleased to introduce their latest technology platform, VR Grip™, a solution that combines capacitive touch with proximity sensing to create a truly integrated virtual reality experience. VR Grip™ combines tracking of a users hand and fingers on the controller surface, and with proximity sensing to tracks finger position in the open space above the controller surface. This provides functionality similar to a glove tracking system, while maintaining the direct tactile feedback and trigger control of a controller. Cirque’s VR Grip™ was featured at CES 2018 and can be viewed on YouTube at https://youtu.be/kKNRDxCsKDI.

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Of the company’s recent developments in VR and AR, Cirque’s President, Brian Monson, said “VR Grip™ introduces the next generation of controllers for both virtual and augmented reality, in which you can fully integrate the controller into an application for a true immersive experience unlike any other.”

Cirque’s architecture uses only one touch controller chip to power both the VR Grip sensor and a traditional trackpad. This enables flexible and affordable architectures. A development kit is available to experience VR Grip and start developing your own project. Visit http://www.cirque.com/cirque-vr-grip to learn more.

Cirque Corporation is the inventor and original developer of capacitive trackpad technology, founded in 1991. Since that time, our original GlidePoint® technology has provided the core of each new development of touch-input solutions. Visit www.cirque.com and our YouTube channel to discover more.