GlidePoint TM9957 Trackpad

TM9957 trackpad’s Sensor Side and Dimensions

Cirque’s TM9957 is an embedded PS/2® input device. The dimensions of the TM9957 make it ideal for integration into a wider variety of products where space is space is constrained.


  • Keyboards, keypads, and mouse alternatives
  • Industrial control panels
  • Medical instruments
  • PC peripherals
  • Point-of-sale devices
  • Laptops


  •  PS/2 (8-pin FFC connector) compatibility
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy product integration due to thin, lightweight design
  • No maintenance required – no moving parts and immune to dust and abuse
  • Superior navigation and high responsiveness
  • Windows®-compatible embedded features mean no additional drivers needed

Power efficiency of any application is improved with an "idle mode," where the touchpad’s current draw is reduced when a finger is not touching its surface.

The touchpad is fully compatible with standard Windows mouse drivers. No additional driver is required to activate many of its advanced features. Hardware-configurable options on the module allow for taps (function as left-button clicks), corner-taps (function as right-button clicks), vertical scroll (functions as mouse scroll wheel) and more, depending on the specific application.

For custom functionality at the product design stage, Cirque offers software that allows OEMs to enable, disable, or personalize advanced settings and/or reprogram the touch sensitive area.

OEM customers can order a trackpad with a Cirque overlay or without an overlay and purchase their own customized overlay. Custom overlays may include a logo and matching colors. Contact Cirque for overlay design guidelines.

GlidePoint TM9957 Specifications
Interface PS/2 with 8-pin FFC connector
Operating Systems Compatible with standard mouse drivers.
Cirque Driver available for Windows® 8.1 and earlier operating systems
Button Support Three (3) mechanical buttons
Physical Parameters Length: 65.79 mm
Width: 49.78 mm
Thickness: 4.70 mm with all components
Weight: < 14 g
Active Sensing Area 61.80 x 45.8 0 mm
Operating Temperature -40 to 85° Celsius
Operating Humidity 5% to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Storage Temperature -40 to 125° Celsius
ESD 15 kV when properly mounted in bezel
Environmental EMI tolerant and manufactured RoHS compliant

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