Trackpad Overlays

Cirque overlays are custom laminate that provides an environmentally resistant surface. Most overlays incorporate two distinct levels of texturing. These dual textured surfaces define the areas on the trackpad where the GlideExtend and Right Taps features can be activated during user operations. 

  • The slightly coarser texture of the GlideExtend zone provides valuable tactile feedback during drag, draw, and highlight operations. The texture indicates to the user that they can now lift and reposition their finger away from the edge of the trackpad while GlideExtend is engaged. 
  • The slightly coarser texture of the Right Taps zone alerts the user that tapping in this area will result in a secondary button input ("right click”). The Right Taps zone is also visually delineated by a change in color.

The series of overlay options shown below are available for most trackpad modules.


Customers can also order a trackpad without an overlay and purchase their own customized overlay. Custom overlays may include a logo and matching colors. Contact Cirque for overlay design guidelines.