GlidePoint Gen 4 TM105065-2 Trackpad

TM105065 trackpad’s Sensor Side and Dimensions
GlidePoint TM105065-2 Specifications
Interface I2C or USB
Operating Systems Compatible with all standard mouse drivers. No custom driver installation is required.
Contact your Cirque representative for more information.
Button Support Supports up to three buttons or a “button-less” Click Trackpad solution.
Physical Parameters Length: 105.00 mm
Width: 65.00 mm
Max of 3.75 mm (with all
Weight: < 14 g
Active Sensing Area 105.00 x 65.00 mm
Operating Temperature -40 to 85° C
Operating Humidity 5% to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Storage Temperature -40 to 125° C
ESD 15 kV when properly mounted in bezel
Environmental EMI tolerant and manufactured RoHS compliant

Cirque’s TM105065-2 is designed for use as an embedded I2C or USB® input device. The dimensions of the TM105065-2 make it ideal for integration into a wide variety of products where space is not a constraint and cursor quality is vital.


  • Keyboards and other peripheral devices
  • Notebook PC's and 2-in-1's
  • Industrial control panels
  • Medical instruments

As with all of Cirque's products, quick, adaptable, and collaborative support is offered for integrating this solution into your product.


Technical Resources


The TM105065-2 is based on the Cirque GlidePoint Gen 4 platform. Documentation, sample code and other details on integrating Gen 4 trackpads into customer products, as well as general platform details can be found on the following pages:

  •  Large surface area
  • Advanced, multi-touch gestures without driver support.
  • Windows 8 Edge swipe gestures available.
  • Built-in palm rejection.
  • Able to track five points and report that data.
  • Updatable in the field.
  • Durable and reliable construction.
  • Built in precise positioning.
  • Low-power custom options available.

Cirque GlidePoint trackpads provide precise, smooth, and effortless cursor control, using patented GlidePoint technology. A sophisticated sensing array, below the trackpad's durable surface responds to even the smallest finger movements. Cursor movement is prevented when a large object is touching the trackpad due to Cirque's integrated palm rejection technology. 

OEM customers can order a trackpad with a Cirque overlay or without an overlay and purchase their own customized overlay. Custom overlays may include a logo and matching colors. Contact Cirque for overlay design guidelines.