GlidePoint Head Set Sensors

Cirque’s Head Set Sensor solutions are custom touch sensors for headphones and VR head mounted displays (HMDs). As headphones become more complex with features like Bluetooth and on-board settings the need for new input mechanisms that are also simple and easy to use increase. Touch solutions provide an intuitive and infinitely configurable input system. 


  • Superior navigation and high responsiveness 
  • 3D, curved and flexible sensors to fit different industrial designs
  • Low-power consumption
  • Based on GlidePoint image sensing touch technology
  • Easy product integration due to thin, lightweight design
  • I2C compatibility
  • No maintenance required – no moving parts and immune to dust and abuse
  • Custom tunable firmware to support different standard gestures and features. 

Headphone On-Ear Touch

On-Ear Touch provides an intuitive method for audio control, directly from their headphones. Designed to fit a variety of form factors, such as overlay thickness and materials, as well as concave and convex surfaces, On-Ear Touch provides adaptable, customized controls for the unique headset use-cases. Robust firmware control integration eliminates extra software requirement. On-Ear Touch provides an innovative, intuitive, and fully customizable touch solution.

The gamepad is fully compatible with standard Windows mouse drivers. No additional driver is required to activate many of its advanced features. For custom functionality at the product design stage, Cirque offers software that allows OEMs to enable, disable, or personalize advanced settings and/or reprogram the touch sensitive area.

Headphone Gesture Concepts

Virtual Reality HMD Solutions

Cirque’s new solution Head Mounted Displays (HMD) HMDs may be customized to fit a variety of form factors, and material types. Worn on the head apparatus (or as part of a helmet) Cirque’s sensor provides quick access to game or system controls, depending on the user-customized settings.