GlidePoint Solutions

Cirque's inception brought about the birth of the touchpad industry. Cirque is the original pioneer in developing the capacitive touch technology that elevates the form and functionality of laptop computers, consumer and commercial keyboards and other data input devices around the world. Today, our hallmark GlidePoint® technology continues to propel the industry forward.

GlidePoint technology is available as Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) touchpad modules for integration into your device. Many different size and overlay options are available. With a wide operating temperature range, GlidePoint modules are ideal for integration in industrial and ruggedized devices.

GlidePoint Gen 4

GlidePoint Gen 4 is Cirque's newest touch technology.  Gen 4 Trackpads use proprietary image sensing technology to track up to five individual points. Familiar gestures like scrolling, pinching, and flicks are available, all without installing a driver. A large object detection method is used to differentiate between fingers or a palm touching the trackpad. This prevents a palm from causing inadvertent cursor movement, taps, and gestures.

GlidePoint Gen 4 provides flexibility for product designs. Trackpads can be integrated into PC peripherals, tablet accessories, specialized keyboards, game controllers, remote controls, medical devices, industrial machinery, and more. Customized shapes and sizes are possible. An optional boot-loader allows Gen 4 based products to be updated with new features.

Advanced Gestures

Through GlidePoint's Advanced Gesture technology, an OEM is able to offer trackpad gestures such as two finger scrolling, pinch-to-zoom and more. Advanced Gestures give an OEM the ability to provide the newest methods of device interaction without changing product design.


Embedded solutions

GlidePoint Trackpads are designed for use as low power embedded PS/2®, SPI®, and I²C® input device. Advances have been made in power management. In battery operated environments, the power consumption is reduced with an active power management system, which adjusts to user actions. Active and idle modes are automatically managed, while OEMs can select specified delay intervals for sleep and shutdown modes. The touchpad wakes from sleep so rapidly that there is no perceptible delay to the user.


Desktop Trackpads / Cirque Retail products

Cirque GlidePoint Easy Cat Smart Cat Pro

For information about Cirque's legacy products, such as the "Cat" series of desktop trackpads or Cirque keyboards with integrated trackpads, please visit the Desktop Products Support FAQ page.