Cirque is the inventor of capacitive touch technology and continues to push the innovation envelope today.

Cirque has optimized solutions for a variety of markets and applications, and can tackle almost any interface requirement with custom developed solutions built on a foundation of 30 years of experience.  

Notebook Computer 

Cirque's GlidePoint® technology is the original trackpad platform. GlidePoint is still used for notebook computers today, and we have continued to refine and perfect the ideal portable computing interface. 

Virtual / Augmented Reality and Gaming

Electronic gaming requires reliability and precision, while constantly exploring new paradigms. This is especially true in VR and AR, where custom solutions from Cirque provide flexible user interfaces. 

Touch screen & Industrial

Certain jobs demand rugged features. Cirque offers a complete line of off-the-shelf GlidePoint modules targeted at the unique needs of medical and industrial applications. Specialized touch screens optimized for payment security keep sensitive data protected.

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