Unique Secure Input Solutions

Cirque is the only touch technology company with a focus on the secure input market. We have been developing unique solutions for this market since 2003. 

Our secure capacitive touch technology uses proprietary and patented methods for securely scanning a capacitive sensor such as a touch screen or a capacitive PIN pad. With SecureSense™, attackers cannot capture sensitive information from the input system. This protects user information like PIN numbers and passwords right at the point of entry.

This core technology is constantly evolving to keep up with evolving threats like side channel and overlay attacks. Secure sensing has been tested by independent laboratories to meet the stringent requirements of the payment industry for security (PCI PTS). 

Our platforms provide flexible implementation options for companies building secure devices. Our secure input components can be rapidly designed into customers designs, with options ranging from a SecureSense touch controller IC all the way to full secure terminal reference designs. 

Hand held-payment-terminal

Solution Platforms

GT4 Touch Screen Platform

GT4 offers state of the art touch features, with optional SecureSense capability making it ideal for secure terminals with a touch screen. High quality signature capture is a key requirement in the payment market and GT4 delivers with the ability to track a fine point (2mm) stylus and uniquely differentiate between stylus and fingers. GT4 has been proven by independent laboratory analysis to meet PCI PTS requirements for PIN data security.

Key Features

  • Supports 5 point multi-touch with a sample rate up to 200Hz.
  • Supports high resolution tethered stylus. 
  • Optimized for use near NFC and contactless payment fields.
  • Works with industry standard touch panel designs. 
  • PCI PTS Compliant 

POS Terminal Reference Designs

Cirque has partnered with NXP to provide a complete reference designs for point of sale and secure terminals. Based on NXP's Tower® System, it is easy to mix and match development hardware based on your design requirements. POS terminal specific tower cards available include contact and contactless card readers. 

These reference designs are powered by a Kinetis® secure processor and feature Cirque SecureSense™ PIN pads. These designs are PCI PTS POI v4.x certified to provide a confident foundation for developing secure hardware. 

Key Features

  • Based on NXP Kinetis® K21 or K81 secure microcontrollers.
    • ARM® Cortex® M4
    • Battery backed tamper protection
    • Multiple memory options available
    • On-board crypto accelerators 
  • Secure PIN pad powered by Cirque SecureSense™ capacitive scanning. 
  • EMVco L1 contact and contactless stacks provided by NXP
  • EMVco L2 contact and contactless stacks provided by CardTek
  • Reference firmware platform for common POS PED functions such as crypto and DUKPT key management.
  • Multiple I/O options: USB, UART, SPI, I2C, I2S, CAN, SDHC, GPIO.
  • Certifications
    • PCI PTS POI v4.x (K21 complete, K81 pending)
    • EMVco Contact and Contactless L1

For more information on these reference platforms, visit NXP's website or contact Cirque using the form below. 


Legacy Solutions

While GT4 is generally recommended for new designs, point of sale terminals are in the market for a long time. Thats why Cirque provides on-going support for our prior solution platforms. 

  • K2 - Secure Touch Screen and Keypad Platform
  • Pinnacle - Secure Touch Screen Platform 

For very large secure touch screens (larger then 10 inches), GT4 is still our recommended solution. For questions or information about these platforms please contact Cirque.  

 K81 based Tower System including option LCD and card reader modules  (Image provided by NXP)

K81 based Tower System including option LCD and card reader modules

(Image provided by NXP)

 K81 based Tower System block diagram (click for full image)  (Image provided by NXP)

K81 based Tower System block diagram (click for full image)

(Image provided by NXP)