Rushmore (1CA037) Touch AFE

Rushmore is a capacitive sensing analog front end ASIC that is utilized by various Cirque platforms including the GT4 touch screen platform, GlidePoint® Gen4 trackpads, and various gaming solutions including the VR Grip™ platform. Rushmore provides a highly flexible foundation for a touch input system. By leveraging the power of a separate microcontroller, various implementation configurations are possible. Additionally, multiple Rushmore AFEs can be scaled for larger applications such as secure ATM touch screens. 

Key Specifications

Core Technology: Cirque custom projected mutual capacitive sensing for x,y position tracking on trackpads and touch screens.
Sensing Electrodes: 32 (fully configurable as either transmit or receive).
Package Details: 48 pin QFN - 7mm x 7mm x 1mm
Power Supply: 2.4 - 3.6 V
Power Consumption: Varies depending on firmware platform used, see the appropriate solution platform page for details.
Host Microcontroller Interface: SPI
Digital Processing: Seperate host microcontroller. Cirque micro reference designs available.
Environmental: Operating Temp Range: -40 to 85° C
Storage Temp Range: -40 to 125° C

NOTE: An AEC Q100 automotive qualified version of Rushmore is available with extended temperature ranges. Contact Cirque for details on this part.
Ordering Details Part Number (2.0) 10-020150-020
Contact Cirque sales for ordering details.



Developer Documentation

The Rushmore AFE is used by several Cirque solution platforms. Check the resource page for the platform you are using for complete documentation. 

Test Documentation

Sample Code