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The Future of VR & AR

 Salt Lake City, UT, 4/5/18 – Cirque is pleased to introduce their latest technology platform, VR Grip™, a solution that combines capacitive touch with proximity sensing to create a truly integrated virtual reality experience. VR Grip™ combines tracking of a users hand and fingers on the controller surface, and with proximity sensing to tracks finger position in the open space above the controller surface. This provides functionality similar to a glove tracking system, while maintaining the direct tactile feedback and trigger control of a controller. Cirque’s VR Grip™ was featured at CES 2018 and can be viewed on YouTube at https://youtu.be/kKNRDxCsKDI.

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Of the company’s recent developments in VR and AR, Cirque’s President, Brian Monson, said “VR Grip™ introduces the next generation of controllers for both virtual and augmented reality, in which you can fully integrate the controller into an application for a true immersive experience unlike any other.”

Cirque’s architecture uses only one touch controller chip to power both the VR Grip sensor and a traditional trackpad. This enables flexible and affordable architectures. A development kit is available to experience VR Grip and start developing your own project. Visit http://www.cirque.com/cirque-vr-grip to learn more.

Cirque Corporation is the inventor and original developer of capacitive trackpad technology, founded in 1991. Since that time, our original GlidePoint® technology has provided the core of each new development of touch-input solutions. Visit www.cirque.com and our YouTube channel to discover more. 

BYU IC Innovation Seminar with Cirque

Salt Lake City, UT

Engineers from Cirque’s IC design and R&D teams will be speaking at Brigham Young University this March. The subject will be driving innovation with multi-disciplinary engineering teams. No preregistration is required. For questions, contact Brent Quist at bquist@cirque.com.

Event Details:

  • Date: Thursday, March 29 2018
  • Time: 11:00am to 12:00pm
  • Location: Clyde Building, Room CB406
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Discussion Abstract:  

Cirque IC design and research engineers present a view of innovation and development principles in a small, technically diverse company competing in a marketplace dominated by large corporations.

Cirque Corporation invented capacitive touch pads in the early 1990’s. Since then, there have been many incremental developments mixed with some significant changes. Touch pads today have many more features including the ability to track multiple fingers and gestures. These require a complex system that involves a variety of engineering disciplines.

The peculiar market position of Cirque creates a unique development environment in which innovation is more important than professional position or engineering discipline.  It is a vertical technical development environment, somewhat akin to a microcosm of Apple or Samsung.

IC Designers at Cirque Corporation utilize flexibility to innovate with input from strategic marketing, firmware, software, and Cirque’s parent company, Alps Electric Co., Ltd.  Innovation is common and encouraged throughout the whole development process from every engineering discipline: silicon-firmware-PCB-module-software-test-production.

In a market dominated by ever-more-global large corporations, it is uncommon to find a small company that develops IC’s, PCB’s, in-house firmware / software, and modules.  Cirque is one of those companies. 

Cirque's Innovative Capacitive Touch Solutions Are Now Available from Mouser

SALT LAKE CITY – Cirque, a world leader in capacitive touch input solutions, is announcing a global distribution agreement with Mouser Electronics, Inc. Select GlidePoint® trackpads, development kits and other solutions will now be available as part of Mouser’s extensive product portfolio.

Cirque solutions available from Mouser at launch will include high resolution round trackpads such as the TM040040 and the TM035035. These are ideal for applications like game/virtual reality controllers, headphones, remote controls and industrial controls. Based on proven GlidePoint technology, these trackpads have a successful track record in millions of devices sold around the globe.

Flexible GlidePoint development kits based on Ardunio® and open source reference code makes it fast and easy to incorporate GlidePoint trackpads into customer designs. Additionally, multiple top surface overlays are available to meet almost any industrial design requirements.  More information on circle trackpads can also be found on the Cirque website and YouTube Channel.

These products can be combined with other products from Mouser’s extensive selection of semiconductors and electronic components. “By joining the Mouser manufacturer line card, we are giving customers a one-stop shop for almost anything they need to design and build their products,” says Nate Coy, Global Sales Manager for Cirque Corporation. “We are very pleased to be part of such a robust distribution network and look forward to expanding our product offering with Mouser in the future.”

About Mouser Electronics

Mouser Electronics, a Berkshire Hathaway company, is an award-winning, authorized semiconductor and electronic component distributor focused on rapid New Product Introductions from its manufacturing partners for electronic design engineers and buyers. The global distributor’s website, Mouser.com, is available in multiple languages and currencies and features more than 5 million products from over 700 manufacturers. Mouser offers 22 support locations around the world to provide best-in-class customer service and ships globally to over 600,000 customers in 170 countries from its 750,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility south of Dallas, Texas. For more information, visit www.mouser.com.

About Cirque Corporation

Cirque Corporation is the original developer of capacitive sensing technology and continues to function as a market leader in a variety of markets such as virtual reality, notebook computers, industrial, medical and consumer electronics. To learn more about Cirque's wide range of capacitive touch solutions, visit http://www.cirque.com.

Pumpkin Carving Contest 2017

A few times a year Cirque likes to participate in team building activities. What better way then to draw teams from a hat and hold a pumpkin carving contest? We had a great turn out with the creative use of the lasers, 3D printers, the Arduino platform, and so much more.

Check out the video and enjoy the fun. Happy Halloween!!!

Cirque Releases New GlidePoint® Circle Trackpads with a Flexible Development Kit

SALT LAKE CITY - Cirque has released new GlidePoint circle trackpads targeted for use in applications like game/VR controllers, consumer electronics and industrial controls. These round trackpads are available in 40mm and 35mm sizes and come with either a flat overlay or a curved concave overlay. Based on the extremely efficient “Pinnacle” 1CA027 IC platform, the trackpads have extremely low power consumption and are easy for customers to integrate into their hardware. Both SPI and I2C interfaces are supported.  

Also new with these trackpads is a development kit based on the open source Arduino platform. This kit includes both trackpad sizes and a development board with an Arduino-compatible controller. This board features breadboard style flexibility optimized for easy connection to other components like accelerometers, sensors or haptics. Source code for the trackpad dev kit is freely available. This flexible system enables rapid development and can serve as the foundation for a full product design project.

The Circle Trackpad Development Kit is available for purchase at: http://www.cirque.com/circle-trackpad-dev-kit

For additional technical details on the circle trackpads and to request samples, visit: www.cirque.com/glidepoint-circle-trackpads.

Cirque is one of the original inventors of capacitive touch technology and continues to push the innovation envelope for new input methods in markets like virtual reality, secure payment and computing. For more about Cirque and the range of solutions we offer, visit www.cirque.com.

Cirque is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alps Electric, a world leading electro-mechanical components supplier. To learn more about the wide range of solutions offered by Alps Electric, visit www.alps.com.

Cirque, GlidePoint and all associated logos are registered trademarks of Cirque Corporation.

Alps and all associated logos are registered trademarks of Alps Electric Co., Ltd.



Cirque K3 Reference Design Granted PCI PTS 4.x Approval

Cirque’s PIN Entry Device reference design provides a proven platform for the rapid development of secure payment terminals.

Salt Lake City, Utah, June 28, 2016 – Cirque, the leader in secure capacitive touch, is pleased to announce PCI PTS 4.0 approval for the K3 Tower PED Reference Design.  The K3 Tower PED provides a complete platform for the rapid development of secure payment terminals. By jumpstarting their designs with the K3 platform, Point of Sale (POS) terminal developers can be confident they are building on a proven PCI certified foundation. 

The K3 Tower PED includes a sleek and reliable capacitive PIN pad powered by Cirque’s SecureSense™ technology, and a powerful Kinetis® K21F secure microcontroller from NXP. This hardware is combined with a reference firmware platform that includes pre-built modules for common payment functions such as AES and 3DES encryption and DUKPT key management. Firmware is provided as a source code project so that developers can customize the solution to their needs. 

Cirque’s SecureSense™ solution provides a unique method of capacitive sensing for touch input on keypads and touch screens. With SecureSense, sensitive data such as PIN numbers are protected from malicious bugs and attacks. SecureSense has a long track record of success in a wide variety of secure payment terminals for over 10 years. 

For a list of all certified PCI PTS devices, including the K3 Tower PED, visit the website of the PCI Security Standards Council at the following link: 


The K3 Tower PED is designed to function with NXP’s Tower System. This modular system allows engineers to mix and match hardware based on their development targets. Several other tower modules are available from NXP to support additional payment functions, such as EMV chip card readers and contactless NFC modules. For more information about the Tower System, visit: http://www.nxp.com/TOWER

“The payment market continues to be an area of innovation and growth, but it can sometimes be intimidating for new players” says Brian Monson, Chief Operating Officer at Cirque. “The K3 tower platform removes a lot of work and risk, and allows our customers to focus on the innovation they do best.”

About Cirque Corporation
Cirque Corporation is the original developer of capacitive sensing technology and continues to function as a market leader in a variety or markets such as notebook computers, industrial, medical and consumer electronics. To learn more about Cirque’s wide range of capacitive touch solutions, visit http://www.cirque.com.  For more about Cirque’s innovative input solutions for the payment industry, visit us at http://www.cirque.com/secure-solutions, or contact us. 

About NXP Semiconductors
NXP is one of the world’s leading semiconductor companies and provides advanced solutions for a variety of markets including payment and secure terminals. For more information about NXP, visit: http://www.nxp.com

Cirque, SecureSense and all associated logos are trademarks of Cirque Corporation.

Kinetis and K21F are trademarks of NXP Semiconductors.

Cirque’s PIN Entry Device reference design provides a proven platform for the rapid development of secure payment terminals. 


Cirque’s GlidePoint® TM040040 in Valve Steam Controller

Salt Lake City, Utah, January 25, 2016 – Cirque Corporation, the original developer of capacitive sensing technology, and a wholly owned subsidiary of Alps Electric Co., Ltd., today announced their GlidePoint TM040040 gaming trackpad is shipping in Valve Corporation’s Steam Controller. 

The TM040040 is an advanced touch solution that is designed specifically for gaming.  Based on Cirque’s GlidePoint touch technology, the high-resolution control of the TM040040 provides an intuitive and precise method for game control. “As video games continue to advance in complexity, we are seeing a need for more customizable and higher precision input methods that still maintain a natural feel,” said Nathan Coy, Global Sales Manager at Cirque. “With the Steam Controller, Valve has accomplished this using TM040040 gaming trackpads.”

Using Valve’s Steam Hardware, users can play their favorite Steam games from the comfort of their living room. Valve has worked with industry partners to create Steam Machines that are controlled using Valve’s Steam Controllers. To recreate the keyboard and mouse experience used in PC gaming, Valve created the Steam Controller, which gives gamers an innovative input experience. With the Steam Controller’s dual trackpad solution, based on Cirque’s TM040040, users are offered unparalleled customization and high precision control.

Visit www.cirque.com to learn more about the GlidePoint TM040040 trackpad. Visit www.valvesoftware.com to learn more about Valve and the Steam Controller.

About Cirque Corporation
Cirque Corporation is the original developer of capacitive sensing technology and continues to function as a market leader in a variety of markets such as gaming hardware, PC input devices, and secure payment solutions. To learn more about Cirque’s wide range of capacitive touch solutions, visit www.cirque.com.

Cirque, GlidePoint, and all associated logos are trademarks of Cirque Corporation. Alps is a trademark of Alps Electric Co., Ltd.  All other marks are trademarks of their respective companies.