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Cirque Corporation, the inventor and original developer of capacitive trackpad technology, continues to lead as the premier supplier of capacitive trackpads for the computer market. Cirque has expanded to offer specialized input solutions in markets like security, point of sale, industrial, automotive and more. 

Gaming Solutions

The Future of Gaming Interaction Realized



Video games have come a long way, and so has the way we interact with them. At Cirque, our extensive history building touch solutions has enabled us to create the most unique and cutting edge input systems for the game systems of the future. 

Cirque's core technology provides touch tracking that has been precisely tuned for the high performance needs of gaming systems, from PC and console to the latest virtual and augmented reality platforms. 

Custom Design Delivered


Most touch solutions on the market do one thing - square touchpads. Cirque's technology is extremely versatile, enabling not only standard touchpads, but many other shapes and even 3D curves. Cirque specializes in rapid design and prototyping for these custom form factors.

Our extensive experience in other markets such as notebook PCs, automotive and industrial controls also means that your designs will benefit from best in class noise immunity from electrical and environmental interference. 

Complete Interactive Experience Solutions from Alps Electric

Alps Electric-Gaming-Components

Cirque works closely with our parent company, Alps Electric, to offer components for a complete interactive experience for gaming. Alps components such as industry leading joysticks, precisely tuned switches, and advanced haptic devices complete the full solution for game interaction. 


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